January 8, 2016 | By Rich McKie

World Cafe: Billy Gibbons Adds A Cubano Twist To The Blues

Billy Gibbons has been known for years as the larger-than-life, guitar-playing leader of ZZ Top, whose innovative showmanship and big licks have brought an equally oversized audience to rockin’ blues. In today’sLatin Roots segment, Gibbons and his band, The BFGs, put a Cubano twist on the blues. Timbales, congas and some smoky Hammond organ combine with Gibbons’ guitar on Perfectamundo, his first solo album. Gibbons tells us how, before he picked up the guitar, a lesson from Tito Puente sparked his interest in this music.

Set List

  • “Treat Her Right”
  • “Got Love If You Want It”
  • “Sal Y Pimiento”

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