June 20, 2017 | By Rahsaan Lucas

Catch Puerto Rican act Buscabulla has been making sweet trouble all year – see them at NUEVOFEST

The Puerto Rican act Buscabulla has been making sweet trouble all year. By completely living up to their artist name (which translates to “troublemaker” to you non-Spanish speakers), the Latin alternative music scene has been crushing on them hard. The day that Buscabulla creators Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo del Valle set out to transform an experimental Spanish language pop project into ‘the Caribbean music of the future’, they might’ve ruffled the feathers of tropical music purists at first, but in a quick span of a year or so, they’ve taken their act from Brooklyn warehouses to international stages, touring with cult-following level bands like the always-interesting indie artist Helado Negro, and Mexican rock icons Café Tacuba. And like blue glitter on a sweaty night, their nu-tropical groove has stuck its way onto playlists, music charts globally, and won’t go away easily. Buscabulla’s salty-sugary sound, influenced by 80’s synth-pop, classic R&B, woozy sleaze disco, and salsa erotica, was captured in their latest EP release, musically seducing new fans like Rolling Stone, who appropriately called them one of “10 Artists you need to know” in February 2017. They are scheduled to make a highly anticipated performance at NUEVOFEST, so slip into something more comfortable, and get familiar with Buscabulla.


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