June 27, 2017 | By Rahsaan Lucas

Balún will introduce you to “Dream-Bow” NUEVOFEST 2017

Imagine another world where Kate Bush, Aphex Twin, and My Bloody Valentine meet up to make music in a tropical rainforest cave. Got it? Now you have a clue of what to expect from Puerto Rican/Brooklyn act Balún at this year’s NUEVOFEST.

Balún is giving us all the feels with their self-made sub-genre, aptly called DREAM-BOW. Fusing Caribbean dancehall & Puerto Rican ‘dembow’ (the raw, unmistakable backbone of reggaeton drum patterns) with spiraling kaleidoscope melodies is an infectious formula. Ethereal sweeps, slow-throbbing drum-n-bass, and whispery lullaby lyrics (hauntingly sung by lead vocalist Angelica Negron) are stapled together by fidgety glitch percussion & snappy clicks. Their new album called ‘La Nueva Ciudad’ is on the brink of release, toting production credits by Lawson White (Shakira, Santigold, Diplo, and even Gil-Scott Heron).  The buzz about this band has been rippling on our musical shores for a minute now, so the time is ripe for Balún to drop anchor this summer at NUEVOFEST.


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