July 12, 2017 | By Rich McKie

Hear the smooth roll of the snare and chunky organ riff of the Puerto Rican Reggae-Soul band Piélago at Nuevofest

With a smooth roll of the snare into a chunky gurgling organ riff, the Puerto Rican reggae-soul band called Piélago has been making full strides in gaining popularity both on the island nation homeland and across the pan-Latin Reggae scene. But they aren’t just a one-drop ‘one-trick pony’ of an act: they can deftly switch up the tempo and genre, weaving together classic soul, bossa nova, folk-rock, and hip-hop with zero difficulties. Philly fans will easily compare them with the hometown heroes, The Roots, and Islanders will lean towards Cultura Profetica comparisons, but Piélago stands strong on their own proper roots, branching boldly into new markets across the globe. NUEVOFEST proudly invites Piélago to the stage to shine for their Philadelphia debut. 


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